We helped FairnessCo boost their sales: A case study

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The Challenge FairnessCo came to us for a website redesign and optimization project to help increase sales and revenue. Considered “the first home break-in prevention solution,” FairnessCo wanted to find a way to optimize their website to reduce the bounce rate and boost conversions with a newly designed web experience.

“They came to us for a website redesign project. We told them, “let’s not.”

The Process

We quickly assessed that instead of a full redesign, we could perform quick experiments utilizing the existing site content. This would helps us guide our design decisions for a larger overhaul. The key performance indicators (KPIs) were clear: home page bounce rates, purchase conversions, and total sales. With this in mind, we defined early assumptions for elements to improve upon and variables to test.

Early Assessment

It is unclear what is the visitors’ primary “call-to-action.” Both buttons do not have enough contrast with the background to grab the visitors’ attention. The video in the background does not clearly indicate what the product is and what its function is. The tagline visible “above-the-fold” does little to convey the product’s description or the company’s value proposition.


Adding a clear navigation bar with a contrasting button that says “BUY NOW” will encourage visitors to click through and result in higher conversions. Moving the video looped section with the man at the door and video recording on the app will better convey FairnessCo’s offerings above-the-fold and will decrease bounce rates. Defining FairnessCo’s above-the-fold tagline to better describe the product will decrease bounce rate.

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